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Re: ObjectiveC accessors

From: Marcel Weiher
Subject: Re: ObjectiveC accessors
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 09:14:19 +0100

On 31 May 2004, at 15:33, Helge Hess wrote:

On May 31, 2004, at 15:48, Marcel Weiher wrote:
On 31 May 2004, at 13:38, Helge Hess wrote:
I agree that this is not necessarily a good idea ;-), but notably Boehm-GC can be used as a drop-in replacement for the malloc library (without altering semantics!)
No. It definitely alters semantics, because programs with "hidden" pointers will cease to function properly. These are legal C programs, so by making them non-functional, you have altered semantics.

Incorrect. As mentioned it can be configured as a drop-in replacement which is 100% compatible to legal C programs. Hidden pointers will work with malloc_uncollectable (which will be used in replacement mode), but will properly expose the malloced sections for GC scanning on objects that use GC-malloc.

If you use 2 different mallocs, then it's obviously not a drop in replacement.

So, just one of the misinformations floating around about Boehm-GC ;-)

Yes, indeed.

There are certainly issues with it, but actually it is pretty well thought out and provides a lot of options.

Sure.  It just isn't semantically compatible, and cannot be.


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