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Boehm-GC (was: ObjectiveC accessors)

From: Martin Kuball
Subject: Boehm-GC (was: ObjectiveC accessors)
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 18:38:45 +0200
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Am Monday 31 May 2004 16:33 schrieb Helge Hess:
> Incorrect. As mentioned it can be configured as a drop-in
> replacement which is 100% compatible to legal C programs. Hidden
> pointers will work with malloc_uncollectable (which will be used in
> replacement mode), but will properly expose the malloced sections
> for GC scanning on objects that use GC-malloc.
> So, just one of the misinformations floating around about Boehm-GC
> ;-) There are certainly issues with it, but actually it is pretty
> well thought out and provides a lot of options.

Is there something like a howto about using the BGC? Something like a 
description of the steps you have to take to make it work. I guess 
you first have to recompile the libs. But what about the 
applications? Do you have to recompile them, too?


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