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Re: Next Release

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: Next Release
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 21:51:48 -0600

On Jun 3, 2004, at 7:25 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
Fix Bug#8267 by moving the line #include ffi.h below the other includes
in cifframe.h.


At least try to fix bug#8275 (passing of large structs fails on win32
using ffcall) and Support#102887 (nsinvocation fails on win32 using

I'll look at it if I have time, but those things are hard to fix even on friendly Unix machines. I can't imagine trying to debug things on windows...

Change the "Machines" entry for cygwin: At least base compiles more
out-of-the-box then on many other systems: You only need the latest
compiler including libobjc and libjava (for libffi) from the installer,
then libobjc-1.3.0, I never even had to delete headers or the installed
runtime library.


And finally, although I didn't write it myself and am complaining now
(shame on me!), the README.Darwin is not completely up-to-date:
(Sorry I can't check every detail since I don't own a working Mac myself)
You don't need dlcompat on 10.3.
Bill Northcott wrote yesterday he thinks you can compile gnustep-base
with Apples compiler on OSX, because the problems would only apply to
Darwin/x86: I think this is a misunderstanding because as far as I know,
nobody has ever successfully compiled base with apple-gnu-gnu or even
somehow with Apples compiler. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

I think he meant using Apple gcc, for gnu-gnu-gnu. Last time I tried, the compiler just wouldn't compile some GNUstep classes - crashing with internal errors.

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