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CVS Spring Cleaning Ancient versions libs in GNUstep CVS

From: Alex Perez
Subject: CVS Spring Cleaning Ancient versions libs in GNUstep CVS
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 15:27:17 -0700
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Unless someone can come up with a really compelling reason to keep old versions of libpng, libjpeg, libtiff, and zlib around from 1996, I propose someone yank this cruft out of CVS.

I propose the removal of:

(A) core/dgs/[jpeg|png|tiff|zlib] - unused and all from 1996-nearly 6MB
(B) core/dgs/dgs/gs - ancient GhostScript code -- 10MB as far as I can tell, this is just GS code and contains no DPS code at all.... (C) *POSSIBLY* dgs/fonts, which contains a bunch of old .pfb, .pfm, and .afm PostScript fonts -- 2.5MB worth

In total, this would remove 18.5MB of old antiquated stuff which nobody is using. Does anyone have any objections to this at all? I realize this stuff is not in core, but surely it doesn't need to be kept around forever.

Alex Perez

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