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Re: GSObjRuntime patches...

From: Marc Ordinas i Llopis
Subject: Re: GSObjRuntime patches...
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 09:26:54 +0200
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Hi, everyone,

David Ayers wrote:
Hello Adam,

I've just committed the last patch wrt GSObjCRuntime, which I wanted to get in before the release. It does not yet include the changed API for GSObjC(Get)MethodNames I alluded to. But I currently don't find the free cycles to do the kind of testing I would like for such late changes, so I'll postpone that until after the release.

It would be really, really helpful for everyone else if people with CVS write permission would at least try to describe the changes they commit. Adam Fedor's gnustep-cvs hack certainly does help, but it's not sufficient to track what's going on if commiters don't explain it to the list(s).


Marc Ordinas i Llopis | tragnarion studios

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