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Re: State of initWithFocusedViewRect: on libart backend

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: State of initWithFocusedViewRect: on libart backend
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 03:49:01 +0200

Fred Kiefer wrote:
> The most simple way to do
> this is to use the conversion on all images, but for this backart would
> need to implement GSReadRect:
> Alex, do you see a chance to implement this? Adams implementation for
> xlib looks pretty forward to me.

The -xlib implementation isn't useful for -art, but the -art
implementation is completely straightforward. I'll try to get it done

> While I was looking at the code in backart, I had some totally unrelated
> ideas. What about unifying the unmaintained string drawing code, that is
> all the other string showing Postscript commands apart from DPSshow? We
> could just move them up to GSGState and implement them via a
> DPSshowString:length: primitive. Not that anybody is using this methods
> now, but at least we wont have parts of them scattered everywhere in the
> backends.

You mean by decomposing the calls into sequences of DPSshow (or
equivalent) and DPSrmove? Could be done, but the method would have to be
aware of all encodings a backend could use to figure out character
boundaries. We could go further and prohibit multi-byte encodings here,
but that would break a few (very few, I think, but at least two) apps.
(But note that -gui never uses these operators.)

> And there my next question came up (I shouldn't be reading this much
> code): What is backart doing in [FTFontInfo
> drawString:at::to:::::color::::transform:] to convert from UTF8 to
> Unicode? Or more specific, in which regard is this conversion different
> from the one implemented in GSToUnicode in Unicode.m?

It's inline and handles characters above 0xffff directly instead of
going via utf16.

- Alexander Malmberg

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