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Re: thoughts on WindowMaker

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: thoughts on WindowMaker
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 10:52:45 +0200
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Stefan Urbanek wrote:
> Hi,
> Why? It was put there by Alex intentionaly as it is required to be there
> for some time.

Well, because statements like such on the main page should be based on a
community decision with a certain general consensus.  Now if we all
could simply take a step back and consider the issue so that we can take
a step further and come to a consensus.

>  Not as a short notice but something that will get into
> visitors eyes immediately.

We were presenting our project with three entries: One summery about its
scope and evolution, one statement that it isn't WindowMaker with
emphasis indicating that we want to avoid being related in anyway with
them and one short clarification about misrepresentation gives these
negative topics an unjust emphasis, In My Opinion.

> As Gregory noted, we have to change the way
> people look at GNUstep. Myself I was several time confronted with the same 
> oppinion that
> WindowMaker is GNUstep and GNUstep is just a window manager. You all know 
> what GNUstep is,
> but majority of newcomers do not know and probably will never know. 

Then maybe some wording like:

If you're looking for the _WindowMaker_ window manager, please visit
their site.  GNUstep currently does not include a window manager.
WindowMaker is the preferred window manager of the GNUstep community.
Read more about the differences _here_.

_WindowMaker_ -> link:
_here_ -> link: (our FAQ politely explaining the differences.)

I refer to the WindowMaker site as an example how a constructive
statement about the relationship of the two projects can be made, of
course our focus will be shifted.


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