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Re: Wiki spam problem

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: Wiki spam problem
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 15:42:23 -0800
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Adrian Robert wrote:

On Jan 31, 2005, at 4:50 PM, Alex Perez wrote:

Manuel Guesdon wrote:

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 10:20:56 +0100 Quentin Mathé <address@hidden> wrote:
 >| Hi everybody,
>| >| The spam is a real pain currently with the wiki, there has been a >| discussion here one month ago iirc, Stefan Urbanek suggested a move to >| mediawiki… The move is planned or not really ? Just a question It was planned but as there was still discussions about this I've drop it for the moment. If GNUstep / GNUstep web site manager tell me it's ok to install mediawiki, I'll re-plan it :-)

Put my vote in for moving to the MediaWiki. Adam, can you please make a decision about this, since Manuel has explicitly requested your approval? Adrian Roberts has offered to help migrate the old content.

No he hasn't ;), but he did express a desire that the old content be migrated, and suggested perhaps trying to find a wiki that made this kind of import/export easy.
Well, excuse me for claiming that you had, then. I'll offer to migrate the content myself, then. I can work with Greg on it if need be.

The security settings are only one reason for moving to a MediaWiki.

Alex P

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