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gui/back broken on AMD64 / segfaults

From: David Dederscheck
Subject: gui/back broken on AMD64 / segfaults
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 06:15:35 +0100


I just successfully compiled gnustep-gui-0.9.4, gnustep-back-0.9.4, and GWorkspace on my Gentoo/AMD64 box. However, upon my attempt to run GWorkspace it segfaulted. Actually, any gui application segfaults instantly after opening it; yet, all the tools not linked against the gui libraries work perfectly.

I suspected a platform issue and investigated the origin of some warnings during the build of gnustep-back ("warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size"). Obviously, the GUI part of GNUstep heavily relies on casts, assuming that integers and pointers have the same size. On most platforms this is the case. However, on the AMD64 platform integers have a size of 32bits as opposed to 64 bits for longs and pointers. This most certainly caused my issues.

Has anyone had similar problems on AMD64 - are there any patches that might adress the issue? If there is somebody working on some fixes, I would be happy to join him.


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