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Re: Cairo api for standard display API, back-cairo redesign & saving/res

From: Aredridel
Subject: Re: Cairo api for standard display API, back-cairo redesign & saving/restoring state to not destroy the current path.
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 22:30:41 -0700

On Tue, 2005-02-08 at 12:08 +0700, Banlu Kemiyatorn wrote:
> We were discussing once, long time ago, about exposing cairo API
> as a standard display method. GTK+ is going to do that hence
> may be we want to consider doing that as well. Since the basic apis are
> similar, and no, I don't want cairo dependency because we don't
> need it, may be a set of dummy functions should be useful along
> those DPSops. The back just need to return the current context
> of cairo, and if cairo backend isn't running, return GSCurrentContext()
> and things fall under those dummy cairo apis that will simply convert
> arguments into DPSops.

Any reason not to just depend on Cairo? It's a fast, well thought out
API from what I can see (no experience yet, but I was looking it over
today, after talking to pippin.)

It's a clean dependency, not going to drag in a whole tree -- just
Cairo, and optionally Glitz.

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