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Re: [GDL2] commit and few points

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: [GDL2] commit and few points
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 11:08:10 +0100
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Manuel Guesdon wrote:

I've commited some changes. Part of this is optimizations.
I've experimented a >30% gain in speed for fetching 3000 records.

This sounds great!

I've added EOPriv.[hm] which handle some catching and initializations things. May be it's not the best idea to put all this here and suggestions/changes are welcome.

Actually I already have EOPrivate.[hm] locally :-) I'll merge them soon. But I admit I would have prefered to keep the static caches local to the files in which they were used. But I'll try to work with the new version a bit. I'm also not really comfortable with all the IMP caching. Are you sure that's a susbstantial amount of the 30%?

I've temporary reverted David Ayers's changes in EOAttribute -adaptorValueByConvertingAttributeValue because we can have a NSString to to store in a NSNumber class attribute

Storing an NSString in something that's declared as NSNumber seems wrong and I vagely rember testing it quite a bit. Maybe we need some type of formatter here though. I'll go back and look at this, as I may be missing something.

I have a problem with EOEditingContext -_objectBasedChangeInfoForGIDInfo:
"Assertion failed in EOEditingContext(instance), method 
_objectBasedChangeInfoForGIDInfo:.  called with GID
<EOKeyGlobalID 0x82d4d50 - Entity SessionArchive - keysValues:"883878" 
(NSIntNumber) > not managed by receiver (0x9c41be8)

The gid was recorded in EditingContext 0x9f12fd8 and this message come from 0x9c41be8 editing context.

David, any idea ?
BTW, may be you can double check my changes in EOEditingContext to be sure I 
haven't break yours as the merge was a
little complex :-)

Indeed, that assertion was there for testcases that it seems I haven't finished yet. You can remove it for for now and I'll have a closer look.

Except -_objectBasedChangeInfoForGIDInfo: problem, it seems to work but I didn't make deep tests. I'll do it as soon as I can.

I'm fighting a flu right now, but should be able to resolve these issues in the next few days.


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