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Re: [GDL2] NSAutoreleasePool/EOFault

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: [GDL2] NSAutoreleasePool/EOFault
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 19:18:44 +0100
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Manuel Guesdon wrote:


With version 1.59 of NSAutoreleasePool.m, gdl2 'stopped working' (it was working with v 1.55).

in NSAutoreleasePool -dealloc, calling instanceMethodForSelector on a EOFault object make the object de-faulting and produce strange recurse loop until it fill the stack.
* Returns a pointer to the C function implementing the method used
* to respond to messages with aSelector by instances of the receiving
* class.
* <br />Raises NSInvalidArgumentException if given a null selector.
+ (IMP) instanceMethodForSelector: (SEL)aSelector
 if (aSelector == 0)
   [NSException raise: NSInvalidArgumentException
               format: @"%@ null selector given", NSStringFromSelector(_cmd)];
  *        Since 'self' is an class, get_imp() will get the instance method.
 return get_imp((Class)self, aSelector);

in EOFault solve the problem.

What do you think ? Any objection to to commit it ?

/me turns brain back on.
That's not what we want to do. In this cast it works but that's special case...

This is nasty, but I think what we want is the fault to fire or clear and change the class again.

Let me ponder a bit...


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