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Re: More Windows stuff ... Gorm works ... sort of

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: More Windows stuff ... Gorm works ... sort of
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 22:39:20 +0100

Am Dienstag, 22.03.05 um 16:50 Uhr schrieb Nicola Pero:

The other obvious reasons is that building the palettes depends on
building (to resolve the symbols), and building depends on building the palettes (to copy them into the bundle), so you
get into a nasty building organization as you have now

This is called a circular dependency which you have to avoid in software design. The Solution here is using the dependency inversion principle: . And it's always a good idea to have a read on software design patterns.

regards, Lars

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