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Re: GNUstep improvements bounty

From: Quentin Mathé
Subject: Re: GNUstep improvements bounty
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 12:13:27 +0200

Le 16 juin 05 à 00:38, Adam Fedor a écrit :

Alex Perez has suggested using some of the funds that GNUstep has (and/or directed donations from individuals) to fund a part-time programmer to improve GNUstep. Some specific projects include CoreData and Predicates. Are other people interested in seeing these things added to GNUstep?

Hi Adam,

I think it is a welcome idea, I would be really interested by a CoreData implementation, but it seems someone (Sašo Kiselkov) has already started to work on it. By the way, I have mostly implemented Predicates support one month ago (I'm just mentioning it in my reply to Sašo on discuss-gnustep list).

May be we could create smaller bounties for more specific stuff, here are some ideas :
- Better keyed archiving support (Cocoa compatible)
- missing methods in various classes
- NSTokenField & NSTokenFieldCell
- NSStream, NSInputStream, NSOutputStream
- NSFontDescriptor
- NSLevelIndicator & NSLevelIndicatorCell
- NSDatePicker & NSDatePickerCell
- New Mac OS X 10.4 text classes : NSTextBlock, NSTextList, NSTextTab, NSTextTable, NSTextTableBlock.


Quentin Mathé

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