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Re: Cairo as common graphics context

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: Cairo as common graphics context
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 16:21:43 -0800
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Fred Kiefer wrote:
Hi Stefan,

Stefan Urbanek wrote:
On 15/03/06, Adam Fedor <address@hidden> wrote:
On 2006-03-15 07:53:12 -0700 Stefan Urbanek <address@hidden>

Looks like all necessary code is already in GNUstep, it is just a
matter of
"rewiring" it. But well ... I do not see much into the internals...
Oh yes, actually doing the work - well that's the hard part :-)

Excuse me, but I take this from you as a little offence with the
meaning:"do not talk, just code". Following text is not going to be
only about the issue, but about general attitude on this list. This
attitude is repeating on this list again and again...


...It looks like I am
currently the only GNUstep developer working on back and the interaction
between back and gui and also specifically on the cairo backend.

Were you not aware of this prior to this exchange of e-mails? From your "looks as if" statement, it sounds as if you were not. This is frankly part of the problem. Nobody knows who has the football, who is in charge, who is working on what, etc etc.

As Adam already stated some of your ideas are quite interesting and it
would be worthwhile to extend GNUstep in that direction. But this will
only happen if somebody takes the time to do this. It is not, as your
mail may suggest, that Adam as the project lead could just tell some
available resource to start working on that. There is nobody available
at the moment and even then it would be up to that person to decide
itself, what task to work on.

Well, I think this statement strikes to the heart of the matter. This is part of the reason that the GNUstep project has been paralyzed in certain areas, especially -back recently. Adam is not willing to ask anyone (either because there's nobody to ask or because he simply doesn't feel that he should have to delegate/ask anyone else to code anything) and so the problem will continue to the end of time unless something changes.

Why did I not reply to your mails yesterday and the day before? Because
then you would have expected me to actually work on this problem.

Fred, this statement pegged my BS-o-meter HARD into the red. Your lack of response implies to many that you simply do not care one way or the other, which is not true based on comments you're making in this e-mail. Telling Stefan that you think that just because you respond you take on the responsibility of actually coding is an insult to his intelligence, because anyone who has more than a few neurons firing in their skull would simply *not* assume such a thing.

THere needs to be dialogue, otherwise your silence will also be interpreted. Please consider that when you choose not to respond to -back related issues. Not having time to do so is one thing, but perhaps then you should put out a call for another -back assistant developer. An apprentice, if you will, who would siphon their patches through you for approval (or, alternatively, if you don't have the time to review patches, either someone else or direct SVN commit, if they know what they are doing)

Constructive Regards,
Alex Perez

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