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Re: Use gnustep-make for SimpleWebKit on Mac

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Re: Use gnustep-make for SimpleWebKit on Mac
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 10:46:27 -0700

On 7/15/07, Riccardo <address@hidden> wrote:

On 2007-07-15 20:06:00 +0200 "Yen-Ju Chen" <address@hidden> wrote:

>   Thanx. But the SWKBrowser/GNUmakefile.postamble
>   should use 'tab' instead of 'space'. Otherwise, it will break.
>   I think your text editor converts 'tab' into 'space' automatically.
possibly, also the patch didn't apply for me and I had to retype it or
do copy&paste so maybe I missed something there. Fixed.


>   I suspect it is because there are WebKit and SimpleWebKit on Mac.
>   SimpleWebKit/WebKit.h uses <WebKit/Web...>,
>   which may refer to Apple WebKit instead of SimpleWebKit.
>   Therefore, it mess up the compiler.
>   My suggestion is to use <SimpleWebKit/Web...> for all SimpleWebKit
> headers.
I'm not sure there. Having "WebKit" makes compatibility easy and I
have seen Nikolaus running SWK on top of cocoa appkit (which is also
the way he currently tests it, since both GNUstep and myStep are
incomplete or buggy), but by ising directly XCode and not GNUstep
make. What changes, I don't know.

 Maybe you can test subclassing WebView with XCode and see.
 I include everything in the example I sent
 and you just need to include PlainWebView.h and PlainWebView.m in xcode.
 I didn't see anything suspicious in the SimpleWEbKit codes.
 That's why I suspect the linking problem, but I may be wrong.



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