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Next GNUstep GUI/Back release

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Next GNUstep GUI/Back release
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 15:57:51 +0200
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First some background: I will be starting a new job in October and most
likely wont have as much time for GNUstep from then on. In addition for
the last two weeks of September, I will be on holidays without much
internet access. The current week is the last, where I have plenty of
time for GNUsteps coding.
If we aren't able to motivate some new programmers for gui and back,
progress will slow down for these modules. But since the last GNUstep
release there have been quite some changes to these modules. The cairo
backend is now almost usable and gui has been cleaned up and brought
closer to MacOSX. This process isn't completed but the results should
already be a huge improvement over previous GNUstep releases.

What I would like to do now is fix some new introduced bugs (NSSplitView
comes up strangely, the cursor bug has reappeared) and give the current
code a good testing and after that, come up with a new GNUstep base, gui
and back release. (A base release is needed for the error recovery
header) Does this schedule, release by mid/end October, fit your?

Attached you find my statistics on 10.4 compatibility of the GNUstep
header files.

One outstanding issue is the change to LGPL 3, here I still have an
unfinished new version of xdnd that will need some more work. If nobody
takes up this task (I could send my files), it wont make it into the
next release. This means, at least back still needs to ship with LGPL 2.

NSActionCell            23.7.2007
NSAffineTransform       previously
NSAlert                 23.7.2007
NSAnimation             previously
NSApplication           24.7.2007
NSArrayController       previously
NSATSTypesetter         missing
NSAttributesString      18.6.2007
NSBezierPath            previously
NSBitmapImageRep        26.7.2007
NSBox                   27.7.2007
NSBrowser               28.7.2007
NSBrowserCell           previously
NSBundle                previously
NSButton                previously
NSButtonCell            23.1.2007
NSCachedImageRep        previously
NSCell                  17.1.2007
NSCIImageRep            missing
NSClipView              previously
NSCoder                 previously
NSColor                 31.7.2007
NSColorList             previously
NSColorPanel            previously
NSColorPicker           previously
NSColorSpace            31.7.2007
NSColorWell             previously
NSComboBox              31.7.2007
NSComboBoxCell          31.7.2007
NSControl               18.1.2007
NSController            19.12.2006
NSCursor                previously
NSCustomImageRep        previously
NSDatePicker            missing
NSDatePickerCell        missing
NSDocument              17.1.2007
NSDocumentController    17.1.2007
NSDrawer                previously
NSEPSImageRep           previously
NSEvent                 3.8.2007
NSFileWrapper           previously
NSFont                  8.8.2007
NSFontDescriptor        8.8.2007
NSFontManager           16.8.2007
NSFontPanel             22.8.2007
NSForm                  29.8.2007
NSFormCell              29.8.2007
NSGlyphGenerator        missing
NSGlyphInfo             missing

NSTextField             9.9.2007
NSTextFieldCell         9.9.2007
NSWindow                9.9.2007
NSScreen                8.8.2007

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