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Re: Next stable release?

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Next stable release?
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 10:30:18 +0100

On 7 Jun 2008, at 18:30, Adam Fedor wrote:

On Jun 7, 2008, at 10:52 AM, Fred Kiefer wrote:

Fred Kiefer wrote:
At the moment I am updating my second (virtual) Linux system to Ubuntu 8.04, this should include the latest cairo and with that I should be able to reproduce the cairo 1.6.4 issue. This would allow for a GNUstep stable release by the end of next week. Leaving some time to test Richards huge change.

The cairo > 1.6.0 issue should be solved now. From my side there is no further known issue that would stop us from making the much needed new release.

I'm traveling again the last two weeks on June, so we'd have to make the release next week or after July 1. Debian and/or it's derivatives are used by many many people so I'd love to get something out in time for them.

So ... if we want to do the release for the Debian freeze at the end of the month, we really need to make it by the end of this week!

For the base library, reverting the license to LGPLv2 should be easy, but I'd also like the next stable release to mark all non-macosx stuff as deprecated ... on the basis that this would warn developers about the intention to be *highly* macosx compatible. Then we could either remove deprecated features (or move them to the additions library and undeprecate them) at will in the unstable branch after the release.

If people are happy with this approach, I will at least try to search out and mark things as deprecated in the next few days, but if anyone wants to help with that I'd appreciate it.

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