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more licensing issues :(

From: Hubert Chathi
Subject: more licensing issues :(
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 13:51:51 -0400
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Debian Bug #487143 [1] was filed against gnustep-gui, which points out
that some of the included images are licensed in a way that prevents
modification, and also prevents use for anything other than developing
free OpenStep applications.


This presents a problem since Debian requires that everything in the
distribution, including images, sounds, data files, documentation, be
freely modifiable, and so this could result in GNUstep being removed
from Debian.

I should note that this license only applies to certain images: namely
the images used for drawing various GUI controls such as checkboxes,

Is it possible to get these images relicensed?



P.S. The link listed in the license: doesn't work.

P.P.S. There are additional reasons that I believe that the current
license is unreasonable.  If anyone is interested, ask me.

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