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NSView bounds transformations

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: NSView bounds transformations
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 09:10:11 +0100
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As I wrote I am currently working on that area again and this time I
think I understood the whole idea behind all these frame and bounds
transformations (OK, not for bounds size, but all the rest).
Before I go on and make some more changes I would like to discuss the
next concept here. What I want to change is the frame transformation,
these should no longer try to adjust the _boundsMatrix when this is
present. We should keep on changing the _bounds directly, as long as
there isn't a _boundsMatrix, but when that is present,w e should just
compute the new bounds with the inverse transform and leave the
transform itself unchanged. Does this sound correct to you?

One other point, I would like to extend the test suit with more
transformation test (mixed ones). For this I will need the correct
expected values first and this would be fairly easy if I were able to
run the test on an Apple machine. So now the question, how would I
achieve that? What is needed to run our test suite on an Apple machine
against their frameworks?


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