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Re: NSSound Code Review

From: Wolfgang Lux
Subject: Re: NSSound Code Review
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 17:56:08 +0200

David Chisnall wrote:

Note that this is deprecated on Cocoa - Cocoa applications are always multithreaded because Cocoa uses a few threads internally. This also eliminates problems where people are spawning threads using the POSIX or Mach APIs (in their own code or in libraries) which don't trigger the notification. On Cocoa, since 10.2 if I remember correctly, but possibly earlier, isMultithreaded always returns YES.

Don't know what makes you believe this. I just tested it on Tiger and Leopard and both return NO by default. Most Cocoa applications on my machine run with a single thread. Maybe you have some utilities like Unsanity's application enhancer running on your machine which start those secondary threads.


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