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Re: problem about writeInBackgroundAndNotify

From: Guo Xu
Subject: Re: problem about writeInBackgroundAndNotify
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 11:35:20 +0800

Hi Richard
  Thank you very much for your answer.
  But I have tried it again at a different machine which also have Windows7 Build 7127 platform. All my computer have platform of Windows7, I don't test on any other environment. What about your environment?
  The program of GNUstep I used is downloaded from, the  latest stable version.
  It can reproduce the problem with any browser ( Firefox, Chrome ).
  I think the async socket function of GNUstep maybe have some problem on Windows7.

2009/8/22 Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden>

On 21 Aug 2009, at 18:17, Guo Xu wrote:

Hi everyone,
 I have downloaded the WebServer-1.2.1 example program from I got a problem.
When the browser client visit the server page, like http://localhost, the server didn't give any response, until timeout.

I can't reproduce that ... when I run the testWebServer program and connect to it using firefox the response in instant.

I checked the program, I found that if I change the
"[[connection handle] writeInBackgroundAndNotify: result]" in Line 1480
to"[[connection handle] writeData: result]"
it can work.

Does anyone known why the method writeInBackgroundAndNotify cannot work in this example?

I have no idea why that would make any difference (possibly it was just a coincidence?).

Are you using an up to date version of GNUstep?  Not that the version of the libraries is likely to make any difference ... this code has been running 24*7 in high volume applications for years without any trouble.

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