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Re: Compilation error on Solaris...

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Compilation error on Solaris...
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 09:57:11 +0100

(not having really followed the thread, just chipping in on building stuff)

At the moment this isn't used in all base headers (and gui still lags
behind, there we only have cleaned up most of the implementation files). What I don't see is how this mechanism could have helped in your case.

Agreed ... it seems to me that it is correct behavior for gui to build using the *installed* base library.

When building base, base should use its own headers, not the installed ones. When building gui, gui should use its own headers, not installed ones, and so on.

But gui should use the installed base headers, and back should use installed base and gui headers.
That's because base, gui, and back are all separate packages.

Yes.  :-)

Anything else introduces dependencies between the packages that make maintenance too complicated. ;-)

Now, it might be nice to be able to build a core package entirely standalone without reference to installed headers, but I think that's a special case we haven't addressed ... it would presumably need a mechanism to tell gnustep-make to refrain from looking for installed headers (eg by supplying a special version of GNUstep.conf and using the environment variable to get it used instead of the default one).

There would be various ways of doing this. They all involve installing "temporarily" gnustep-base somewhere locally (either using a special local GNUstep tree, or using DESTDIR), then using the locally installed gnustep-base headers. I'm not sure that it is really particularly useful ... I can't really think of a good reason why the standard procedure of compiling/installing packages separately wouldn't be good enough. You can always use a script if the problem is not wanting to type 'make / make install' multiple times :-)


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