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Re: Interesting discussion on gcc about objc

From: Gregory Casamento
Subject: Re: Interesting discussion on gcc about objc
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:23:28 -0400


I believe what you're saying here about David's libobjc2 runtime is
just as much FUD as what he said about GCC's ObjC.   He should discuss
this with you further, but I don't think we have a problem here.


On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 2:44 PM, Nicola Pero
<address@hidden> wrote:
>>> GNU ObjC has so few users that it seems hardly worth the effort to upgrade 
>>> the
>>> GNU ObjC front end to ObjC 2.0. And there are other issues:
>> Translation: The GNU project doesn't care about GNUstep.
> The GNU project is a lot of people.  One person on the GCC mailing list wasn't
> interested in Objective-C support.  Many others were and are.  I am. ;-)
>> We already have an MIT-licensed runtime in svn that implements the ObjC 2 
>> runtime
>> features and works with GNUstep, so this isn't a problem.
> "libobjc2" is a derivative work of libobjc which is an FSF GNU GPL v2+ piece 
> of work,
> so I'm not sure why you say it's a MIT-licensed runtime.  If you wanted a 
> MIT-licensed
> runtime you should have started from scratch instead of scavenging the old 
> runtime.
> I'm actually quite confused as to why you worked on "libobjc2" now: I thought 
> you were working
> on libobjc because you meant to contribute changes back to the official FSF 
> GNU runtime,
> but you never have, and now claim your libobjc derivative is independent and 
> no longer GNU GPL v2+,
> which I'm confused about (I guess as I'm not a lawyer) but puts your runtime 
> (in my view)
> in a legal limbo to say the least.
> I'm not a lawyer though.
> Anyway, I have nothing against "libobjc2" per se (except that you need to 
> sort out your license)
> as I think GNUstep should support as many free Objective-C compilers and 
> runtimes as possible.
> I think we all hope that there are, and will be, may free Objective-C 
> compilers and runtimes
> to choose from. :-)
> I personally do want to use the FSF GCC and runtime library, but that's 
> because one of the very
> few organizations I trust is the FSF.  I don't trust Apple. ;-)
> Thanks
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