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Next GNUstep release?

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Next GNUstep release?
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 23:49:08 +0100
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For over a month I have been suggesting a new release of all GNUstep code components (perhaps including Gorm as well), but got no reply at all. Many of us have been pretty busy fixing the bugs Julian reported and there is still plenty to do in this area. Anyway I would like to start a discussion about this subject.

After the last base release we did not make a gui/back release although some of the changes in base wont work with an old version of gui. This means anybody wanting to use GNUstep with a graphical user interface either has to use a very old release of all components or use SVN. The later is especially bad for distributions as they will have to ship an unclear state of the code.

I will be away the first two weeks of December and would either like to see a release before that or after, but wont be available for last minute bug fixes during that period. There are a few changes to gui/back which I would like to see done before the release. One is the conversion of the Ghostscript and the ImageMagick bitmap implementations into filter services. The other is the integration of the real cairo font interface (instead of the currently used toy fonts) as prototyped in Opal. Is there anything important I did forget?

It would be great if everybody could start to test its favourite application to find out whether any of the recent changes introduced new issues. What are the plans for GNUstep make and base? I think there have been enough changes in base that warrant a new release and gui requires some of these changes. For make there are a few open bug reports, maybe some of them could be fixed for the release?

Please remember that this will be the first GNUstep release that requires gcc >= 4.0. We decided so at the last base release and gui requires a current base version.

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