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Re: Google Summer of Code

From: Niels Grewe
Subject: Re: Google Summer of Code
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 11:07:35 +0100
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Hi Sebastian,

Am 07.02.2012 10:56, schrieb Sebastian Reitenbach:
> AFAIK, there doesn't exist something the other way around, allowing other 
> application to create
> an App Wrapper automatically. Even if that would exist, you'd still have to 
> get others to make use of
> it, which I think is then the harder part.
> I'd also really like to have an applications menu in GWorkspace, built from 
> the information from those
> .desktop files in /usr/local/share/applications, that would allow me to 
> browse all installed applications
> and just start them from the menu ;)

A while ago I pondered whether it would be a good idea to write a fuse
filesystem that uses the xdg-menu data (which spread out through the
filesystem, not just in /usr/local/share/applications, mind you!) to
dynamically generate wrappers. You would just mount it at
/GNUstep/Applications/Legacy and be done :-). I still think it's a neat
idea, maybe worth putting forward as a potential GSoC project?



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