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Upcoming 0.26.0, please review release notes

From: Ivan Vučica
Subject: Upcoming 0.26.0, please review release notes
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 22:57:39 +0000

cURLable text file available here, in case you wish neither to clone
the repo nor use the GitHub web UI:

Now, further remarks:

This release will be created using something called an "annotated tag"
in Git. Annotated tags are not merely references to a commit, but they
are otherwise objects in their own right, and have an author, date and
a commit message of their own.

GitHub (and probably other similar systems) expose them as 'releases'.
Instead of having to attach a message using web UI, the tag commit
message will be used. This means whatever we deploy as a tag commit
message, we can take out when we move from GitHub.

As a less practical, but more of a fun thing, I won't be creating just
an annotated tag but a GPG-signed annotated tag. This means users can
use 'git tag -v gui-0_26_0' to check that the signer claims this
release is genuine. I will be using my personal GPG key for this, as
that will be appropriately displayed in systems that support
displaying that a tag has been correctly signed. If I were to use the
GNUstep Maintainers key, it would not be appropriately displayed as
released by my account. Actual signature *will* be performed with the
correct maintainer GPG key!

You can see all this in action here:

(You may observe that this is not pushed to the mainline repo. That is
because this is *not* yet the 0.26.0 release; I've tagged it only for
preview. Actual tag will be pushed to the main GNUstep repository for
libs-gui. I've manually marked the release as pre-release.)

Preview, prerelease, not-actually-0.26.0 tarball and
personally-signed-.sig (use curl -L to download):

To facilitate cutting this release, I have updated gnustep-make. It
now has targets 'git-tag' and 'git-dist' which behave similar to
'svn-tag' and 'svn-dist', except that they operate on local repo only.
They use annotated tags, support keysigning and using a text file as
the source for the tag commit message. All tagging and releasing
operations are on the local repository; pushing tags to a public
repository is left to the developer invoking these convenience

I've opted to ask for a review of the changes to gnustep-make in case
I use some incompatible feature of GNU Make, or if it's
incomprehensible. If there are no significant comments, I will merge
this shortly.

It should affect only people using gnustep-make to cut releases for
their software.

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