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Re: Gorm 1.0 on GNUstep site

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: Gorm 1.0 on GNUstep site
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 13:32:05 -0800
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MJ Ray wrote:
Stefan Urbanek <address@hidden>
Citát MJ Ray <address@hidden>:
My personal TODO for the technical aspects of the site is:
 1. start using MultiViews;
What is it? Google is not very helpful, at least first page of links does not
lead to the project page/description... Does it still require CVS access?

Actually, it would as likely be any form of negotiation. See for info.
At first, it would still be using CVS access, but it would open
the door to change the site production method more easily later.

Essentially, pages won't be referred to as .html or whatever,
but the server will pick the "best" variation, for the value
of "best" we choose.
I use this as work, and the way it essentially works is you don't provide the web server with any suffix at all. If a file meets that name, it uses the file. Yes, say you have a file named bar.php in directory foo. You can then just access it via and the web server takes care of the rest.

Hope that helps,

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