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Re: [gnutls-dev] API comments

From: Nikos Mavroyanopoulos
Subject: Re: [gnutls-dev] API comments
Date: Mon Dec 3 11:33:01 2001

On Sun, 02 Dec 2001 14:14:10 -0800 Dima Holodovich <address@hidden> wrote:

> I've never use Spyrus, so I don't know if their interface is good -- but
> the documentation of their interface looks very nice.  Certainly worth
> reading if your deciding on appropriate interfaces.

Well, some companies treat their documentation under some obscure licenses thus,
having considered all the problems that this may cause us, I've decided
not to read this propriatary api (and all others). This would save us from any 
for 'copying proprietary apis etc'. However if somebody else does this and 
a comparison (I believe this is fair use), it would be ok for us to optimize 
the library 
depending on his remarks.

> - - Dima

Nikos Mavroyanopoulos

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