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[gnutls-dev] [PATCH] fix for a bug in gnutls_recv_handshake()

From: Guillaume Morin
Subject: [gnutls-dev] [PATCH] fix for a bug in gnutls_recv_handshake()
Date: Thu Jan 17 10:52:02 2002
User-agent: Mutt/1.3.25i


I made this patch for a problem I've been experiencing.
The details are in the Debian BTS

in STATE8, _gnutls_recv_handshake_header returns 0, but since malloc is
not called for this value, dataptr is unitialized. Here is the fix
(you'll note that I have forced its initialization what is not needed,
but since it hid the bug, I think it is cleaner...)

--- lib/gnutls_handshake.c.old  Tue Jan 15 00:53:36 2002
+++ lib/gnutls_handshake.c      Tue Jan 15 00:55:39 2002
@@ -865,7 +865,7 @@
        int ret;
        uint32 length32 = 0;
-       opaque *dataptr;
+       opaque *dataptr = NULL;
        HandshakeType recv_type;
        ret = _gnutls_recv_handshake_header(state, type, &recv_type);
@@ -890,7 +890,7 @@
-       if (dataptr == NULL) {
+       if (dataptr == NULL && length32) {
                return GNUTLS_E_MEMORY_ERROR;


Guillaume Morin <address@hidden>

        Debian - What your mom would use if it were twenty times easier.

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