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[gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-3.18, created. rel

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: [gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-3.18, created. release-3.18
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2018 20:06:09 -0400 (EDT)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GPSD".

The annotated tag, release-3.18 has been created
        at  166b10f888973772b694425d815515014e20cfed (tag)
   tagging  81fb3d613b78f0cadcb57194dedf4ad2146ef0eb (commit)
  replaces  release-3.17
 tagged by  Gary E. Miller
        on  Tue Oct 2 17:05:44 2018 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagged for external release 3.18


Bernd Zeimetz (7):
      Move travis build script into .travis.
      Additionally build with QT5. add qt_versioned to scons options.
      Install ntpshmmon manpage only if ntpshmmon is built.
      Fix daemon() handling on hurd/kfreebsd.
      isfinite() needs _POSIX_C_SOURCE >= 200112L
      Add python-serial as build-dep in travis.yml

Bernhard Übelacker (1):
      gpxlogger: Move buffer extension below the strftime call.

Charles Curley (1):
      A new home page for gpsfeed.

Chris Lawrence (3):
      Fix time display of UBX messages.
      Ensure UBX device is actually switched to binary mode
      Support Galileo $GA... talkers and fix a couple of $GB cases

Clark Li (2):
      Check valid flags in NAV-TIMEGPS
      Support UBX NAV-PVT

Daniel_M_Williams (4):
      Client-side Python libraries may automatically reconnect
      re-implement reconnect code in python-client-library
      [fix] gps/*py now passes `scons check`
      $GPVTG Added parsing, storage, output of magnetic course

David J Taylor (1):
      gpssnmp: a simple program to poll gpsd for a few SNMP OID variables.

Eric S. Raymond (12):
      Version number to 3.19~dev, commits now open.
      Repair bounds-checking in geoid.c.
      In gpsctl, fore timeout of 2 on u-blox.
      SPDXify the licerse references.
      Suppress GCC 7.3.0 fallthrough warnings in intentional cases.
      Add bounds check in in_escape state of JSON parser.
      Reject AIVDM armoring containing non-ASCII characters;
      Remove some remnant splint annotations.
      Abandon JSON_MINIMAL. The small amount of code it saves is not worth the 
      Reconverge with microjson version..
      Fix a core dump introduced by the previous compiler warning fix.
      Minor typo fixes.

Fred Wright (11):
      Fixes broken xgps=no build.
      Fixes broken regression test data for uBlox NEO-M8N.
      Fixes SConstruct for SCons 3.0.0.
      Fixes Travis Qt4 builds.
      Fixes broken Travis clang++ workaround.
      cgps: fixes compiler warning.
      Disables xgps[speed] -V in python-versions check.
      Adds test for xgps dependencies.
      Includes xgps deps test in test list.
      Makes test_xgps_deps more complete.
      Fixes possible X11 launch in python-versions test.

Gary E. Miller (325):
      PPS: rejected -> ignored.
      sconsclean: also remove .sconsign.dblite
      Revert "sconsclean: also remove .sconsign.dblite"
      scons: scons not always rebuilding a target when the source changes.
      scons: note that sconsclean does not delete .sconsign.dblite
      scons: Document the need to manually remove .sconsign.dblite
      scons: have --clean also remove some Qt files.
      xgps: Print error message if Gtk3 not installed.
      gegps: don't crash on missing Altitude in TPV
      gpsfake: add test for ublox 8 in position hold (time) mode
      gegps: Fix another crash, when no speed in TPV
      gegps: Not all TPV has heading.
      tests: add exact GPS mpdel number to ublox-8-time.log
      Support format strings "RTCM 3", fix bug #52277
      Add "RTCM2.3" and "RTCM3.1" detection.  Fix bug #52677
      Add ntrip sourcetable example.
      Add clock_gettime in contrib.
      Revert "Add clock_gettime in contrib."
      Add clock_test in contrib.
      Major API change: add ECEF into gps_fix_t
      Add ECEF support to u-blocx driver, data comes out in json.
      gpsmon, promptgen: buffer was too small.
      gpspipe: buffer to small.  40 > 20
      Skytraq: trim subtype so it fits in the buffer.
      serial.c: make sure procentry->d_name fits in procpath
      NEWS: note new ECEF support (WIP)
      UBX: revert end of cycle change, but make regression changes.
      ECEF: remove unused and unneeded ecef.valid.
      ECEF: pass ECEF parts of fix to gps client library.
      cgps: add display of ECEF position and velocity.
      gpsd_json: stupid mistake forgot to invert test for isfinite()
      isfinite(): add define for POSIX 2011L
      isfinite(): Another try at getting Ubuntu to see isfinite()
      JSON: note failure to handle doubles that are NaNs.
      cgps: Stop writing into a const char buffer!
      xgps: Add display of ECEF data.
      ECEF: jiggle the ECEF data structure, add missing accuracies to client.
      u-blox:  Fix length test on UBX-NAV-SVINFO.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      gpsd_json.xml: add magtrack variable.
      clock_test: better integrate into git and scons.
      driver_nmea083.c  Add test for field 9 in GPVTG.
      driver_nmea shorten overlong lines.  No functional changes.
      json.c: fix overlong lines.  No functional changes.
      test_json: add comment on JSON_MINIMAL
      json.c be sure a string is NUL terminated.
      json.c: Fail on bad escape string.
      json.c Allow for \u escapes with fewer than 4 digits.
      test_json: add tests for class ERROR, and for \u string escapes.
      test_json: Change \u test.  Add buffer overflow test.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      test_json: improve buffer overflow test.  Improve usage().
      json.c: ECMA-404 says JSON \u must have 4 hex digits
      test_json: add another try to overflow a JSON buffer.
      u-blox: repect the often ignored readonly (-b) flag.
      Webiste: add gpsdctl.8 html page.
      SConstruct: fix 'scons clean' for Python 3.
      gpspipe: Alphabetize options.
      gpspipe.xml Format with xmlformat.  No other changes.
      gpspipe.xml Add example of -x option.
      gpsmon: fix NULL pointer dereference.
      driver_nmea0183:  1st cut at support OxTS PASHR.
      driver_ubx: Put ECEF data fro mUBX-NAV-SOL into TPV.
      driver_skytraq: report ECEF data in TPV.
      gpsd_json man page: Add ECEF to TPV.
      driver_sirf: Report ECEF in TPV.
      driver_proto.c Add ECEF to TPV
      driver_italk: report ECEF in TPV.
      driver_evermore: report ECEF in TPV.
      driver_italk: remove unused variables.
      INSTALL: typo touchups.
      build.txt: Note that Python 3 is now support by scons. Fix for PEP8. Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8
      ntpshmviz: Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8 fix for PEP8
      gps/ Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8
      ntpshmviz: Fix for PEP8 Fix for PEP8
      gps*service:  Files looking for gpsdctl and gpsd in wrong place.
      gpsd.socket: Add comment on how to enable remote access.
      SConstruct: refactor some systemd code
      Revert "SConstruct: refactor some systemd code"
      gpsprof: Add statistics to scatterplot.  Add satellite heat maps.
      SConstruct. Change comment about prefix.
      SConstruct.  Fix default file install locations.
      gps/ Add back in missing defaults.
      gpsprof: handle missing altitude in replots.
      gpsprof: add TODO list.
      xgps: Add ECEF data.  general cleanup.
      libgps_json.c: change isnan() to isfinite()
      packet.c: Prevent infinite loop in packet engine.
      gpsd_json.c: Change isnan() to isfinite()
      gps_read(): fix some nasty buffer overruns and corruptions.
      cgps: isnan() -> isfinite()
      chared_json.c: isnan() -> isfinite()
      rtcm2_json: isnan() -> isfinite()
      gpsd.c: isnan() -> isfinite()
      gpsdclient.c: isnan() -> isfinite()
      gpsmon.c: isnan() -> isfinite().  Fix a buffer size.
      gpsutils.c: isnan() -> isfinite()
      gpxlogger: isnan() -> isfinite()
      monitor_nmea0813: isnan() -> isfinite().  Fix a buffer size.
      psuedonmea.c: isnan() -> isfinite().  Fix a buffer size.
      libgpsd_core.c: isnan() -> isfinite()
      libgpsd_core.c: Better initial sanitization of skyview[] isnan() -> isfinite()
      contrib/webgps: isnan() -> isfinite()
      gpsprof: add mean SNR to polar plots.
      update gpsd to send arbitrary data to GPS from client
      gpsd.c: finish moving redundant write code to write_gps().
      driver_ubx: remove set, but unused fTOW.
      driver_ubx: fix a compiler warning in 32-bit mode.
      gpsd.c: fix gpsd master/slave mode
      driver_ubx another printf/size_t issue fixed.
      gpsd: fix SHM() output.
      gpsmon: Expand a too small buffer.
      Savannah issue #53671: policy_t -> gps_policy_t.
      cgps: Big clean up of code.
      SConstruct: sort base_manpages, python_manpages and python_progs.
      build.txt:  Note that PEP 294 requires /usr/bin/python exists. pep8 cleanup. pep8 cleanup. pep8 cleanup. pep8 cleanup. pep8 cleanup. pep8 cleanup. pep8 cleanup. pep8 cleanup. pep8 cleanup.  No functional change. pep8 cleanup.
      SConstruct: pep8 cleanup.
      NMEA.txt: note elevation in GSV may be -90 to 90 degrees.
      SConstruct: sort options.
      SConstruct: add option fro GREIS driver
      SConstruct: sort *_sources so things get built in order.
      SConstruct: sort global constants, remove a redundant impot.
      SConstruct: sort more stuff.
      SConstruct: more sorting. remove debug code that slipped out.
      drivers.c: fix compiler warning message from recent commit.
      contrib/SConstruct: fix build recipes.
      gpsprof: add more stats to polar plot
      gpsprof: Reformat polar plot stat summary.
      gpsprof: Fix sigma calculation.
      gpsprof: Handle case where sigma is (near) zero.
      Add regression for hemisphere GPS.  Fix detection of empty GPHDT.
      ATT: change heading to %.3f to match Trimble precision.
      ATT: centralize clearing of the attitude data.
      libgps_dbus: Fix compiler warning of DBusHandlerResult signal_handler()
      drivers.c: fix pointer type to remove cc warning.
      subtype: Make subtype string buffer longer.
      driver_tsip: Fix potential overrun of subtype buffer.
      UBX: UBX_MODE_TMON is a 3D state.
      gpsd_json: Change doc to agree with code on 'time' variable.
      gps/client: Commen that ConnectionRefusedError is not in Python 2.
      pylintrc: Disable many annoying pylint messages
      pylintrc: Disable many annoying pylint messages
      pylintrc: Add more notes on pylint usage with gpsd.
      gps/ remove ConnectionRefusedError which is Python 3 only.
      SConstruct: fix building with Python 3.
      SConstruct: 2nd try to fix building with Python 3.
      SConstruct: remove excess debug print()s.
      gps/misc: Improve polystr() to handle bytearrays.
      gps/client: Fix Python 3 problem in send().
      pylintrc: remove more silly warnings from pylint output.
      ubxtool: a CLI tool to configure and decode u-blox.
      zerk: a CLI tool to configure and decode GREIS GPS.
      NEWS: Update NEWS file for zerk and ubxtool.
      zerk: add a man page for zerk.
      ubxtool: oops, closed the serial port too soon.
      ubxtool: add get/set UBX-CFG-PMS
      ubxtool: typo
      ubxtool: better decode of UBX-CFG-PMS
      ubxtool: add more UBX-CFG- names, but no decodes yet.
      ubxtool: Improve UBX-MON-VER, remove fixme.
      ubxtool: add more UBX-INF- names, but no decodes
      ubxtool: clean up UBX-NAV- table.
      ubxtool: clean up UBX-RXM- table
      ubxtool: clean up UBX-TIM- table
      gps.h: PRN is a mess, add gnssid:svid.
      driver_ubx: fill in skyview the gnssid:svid from PRN
      gpsd_json.c: Add gnssid:svid to SKY.
      libgps_json: Decode gnssid:svid in SKY.
      gps.h: remove unused, and wrong, macros.
      gps.h: remove wrong SBAS_PRN()
      GREIS: Add gnssid:svid to skyview.
      driver_ubx: Add missing SBAS to gnssid:svid.
      libgps_json: minor style tweak, line up columns.
      cgps: Display gnssid as text if possible.
      xpgs: Use gnssid:svid.  GNSS type in list, different shapes.
      driver_nmea0183: Fix NMEA PRN mapping in comments.
      NEWS: mention new gnsid:svid
      driver_nmea0183: Decode gnssid:svid from $xxGSV.
      xgps: Plot GLONASS as a diamond.  pycodestyle cleanups.
      xgps: pylint cleanups.
      SConstruct: tweak, and comment, the egg-info file. add __version__
      xgps: various pylint tweaks.  No functional change.
      xgps: Add missing docstrings.
      xgps: various pylint nits.  Mostly variable name reuse.
      xpgs: more pylint tweaks.  Pylint picky about name reuse.
      gps: move Python __version__ to proper place.
      add gps module version check to Python programs
      xgps: Fix -V option.
      xgpsspeed: sort options.
      xgpsspeed: fix -V and --version options.
      gpsprof: Add -V option to print version.
      gpsfake: cleanup getopt().  Add -V option.
      gpscat: Tweak getopt(), add -V option.
      gpsfake: add -h and -V options.
      ntpshmviz: Change version to gps_version.
      zerk: change Verion to gps_version.
      ubxtool: change verion to gps_version Add gpsd version check.  Fix crash bug.
      AIS: Rebuild regressions tests for new precision.
      SConstruct: pep8 is now pycodestyle.
      SConstruct: pep8 cleanup, no functional change.
      gpsfake, gpsfake, gpsprof: pep8 tweaks.
      xgpsspeed: pep8 tweaks.
      zerk: pep8 tweaks
      ntpshmviz: pep8 tweaks
      xgpsspeed: fix Gtk version check.
      SContruct: check nows runs each python program to check version.
      SConstruct: do not build xgps and xgpsspeed if pycairo not found.
      xgps: update version to gps_version
      gps/ fix for Python 3.
      gegps: reorder so -V and -h work with no running gpsd.
      gegps: Better error message on no conenct to gpsd.
      SConstruct: check for pygobject (gi) for xgps and xgpsspeed
      SConstruct: Convert tabs to spaces.
      .vimrc: Standardize vim settings.  Expand tabs.
      gegps: pylint cleanup
      gpscat: pylint cleanups
      gpsfake: pylint cleanups
      gpsprof: pylint cleanups
      ntpshmvis: pylint cleanups
      gpsd: Allow zerk/ubxtools to work when another client is running.
      gps.h: Add comment that u-blox 9 does not use PRN.
      cgps: Move used up to top line.
      gps/__init__: pep8 nit.
      Python modules: add module docstrings.
      gps/ pylint cleanups
      gps/ pylint cleanups
      gps/ pylint cleanups
      cgps: squeeze in one more satellite.  Turn off cursor.
      cgps: fix sta view for small number of sats.
      cgps: look nicer when More... removed.
      cgps: another adjustment on satellite window.
      gpsd.c: fix compiler warning.
      cgps: another attempt to reclaim the lost line.
      cgps: fix the bottom line, again.
      gps.h: add sigid to satellite_t.  For u-blox 9 and NMEA 4.1
      gps.h: add mtime field to attitude_t.
      gps.h: MAXCHANNELS from 72 to 120.
      gps.h: add fregid for GLONASS.
      zerk: tweak usage().
      zerk.xml: tweak the zerk manual.
      ubxtool: tweak usage.
      ubxtool: Add man page.
      zerk/ubxtool: Install new man pages by default.
      ubxtool/zerk: install these two programs by default.
      cgps: minor fix for satellite window formatting.
      driver_sirf: add gnssid:svid.
      cgps: tweak usage() output.
      lcdgps: tweak usage().
      gegps: Improve usage().
      lcdgps: fix compiler warning about fall-through.
      xgps: improve usage()
      xgpsspeed: tweak usage()
      gps,xml: get the command option synopsis right.
      SConstruct: bump shared library version 23->24.
      ubxtool.xml: tweak an example.
      cgps.c: Adjust Speed Err data.  It was overrunning the field.
      SConstruct: Shutup more dumb pylint messages.
      cgps: small tweaks to make cppcheck happy.
      xgps: fix spelling error.
      gpssnmp: Fix cppcheck scoping nit.
      driver_greis: Fix cppcheck scoping nit.
      driver_navcom: fix cppcheck nit.
      driver_tsip: fix cppcheck nits.
      gps.h: Add comment that ept is in seconds.
      driver_navcom: note that ept seems incorrectly calculated
      driver_ubx: Fix decode of UBX-NAV-TIMEGPS and cppcheck nits.
      driver_ubx: cppcheck tweak to variable scope.
      driver_tsip: cppcheck found reused variable.  No check caught it.
      driver_ubx.h: add missing message clases and ids.
      packet.c: fix a cppcheck nit.
      test_libgps: minor reformat for line length.
      test_timespec.c: ex_subtract_float() never returned failure.
      xgps: Fix Seen count when 28 and over sats seen.
      xgps: remove some debug info.
      driver_nmea0813: tweak to PRN decode.
      test_json: add another string overrun test.  Only test JSON_MINIMAL.
      test_json: add -V option.
      test_json: get rid of assert.h, all failures print test number
      test_json: fix debug output for tests 16 and 17.
      Revert "Disables xgps[speed] -V in python-versions check."
      cgps: try to prevent overflow on large error estimates.
      xgps: fix clearing of Satellite List.
      SConstruct: fix pycodestyle nits.
      xgps: Add popups to Skyview.  Fix some nits.
      xgps: slightly nicer mouse over behavior.
      gpsd.h: bump GPSD_PROTO_MINOR_VERSION to 13
      xgps: Fix compatibility with older gpsd.
      xgps: Compare gpsd version to expected version.
      Python clients: Opps 3.18~dev, not 3.18-dev.
      SConstruct; fix creating revision.h with Python 3
      Versions in C and Python were out of sync.
      xgps: Add API version check.  Not fatal.
      xgps: PEP8 nit.
      xgpsspeed: Add version checks.  Output warnings to stderr.
      xgpsspeed: Add some missing docstrings.
      cgps: Add JSON version check.
      driver_nmea0183: adjust $GL, $QZ PRN offsets.
      ppscheck: get REVISION from revision.h.
      Version bump to 3.18 for release.

Gregory Fong (3):
      gps_json.h: Declare struct gps_device_t
      Fix pseudo GSA generation
      Add GREIS (Javad) GPS driver.

Jean Pierre TOSONI (2):
      The Quectel EC25 device used with the Linux 3.10.20 usb/option driver
      gpspipe improvement: add option to exit after delay

Ken Harris (1):
      Fix "NMEA 2000" driver build on OpenWRT

Robert Norris (2):
      SConstruct: Allow building for Python 3
      Improved Windows build of gpspipe

Sven Geggus (2):
      gpsd_json, AIS: add missing JSON terminators.
      gpsd_json, AIS: Increase precision of AIS LATLON.

Zoltan Gyarmati (1):
      Fix isync build when ublox not selected too.

dwilliams (1):
      Implement processing of NMEA0183 - $GPVTG messages

teyrana (1):
      Fix building with/for Python3



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