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[Graveman-general] Re: (0.3.2) First Impressions + complaint

From: Sylvain Cresto
Subject: [Graveman-general] Re: (0.3.2) First Impressions + complaint
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 02:59:09 +0100
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Thanks for your suggestions.

*Pause between tracks*
For audio CD, we'd like to have a way to adjust the pause between tracks [usually defaults to 2 seconds]. This is especially useful when recording a DJ-Mix or radio show.

Ok, I will add this feature with next release.

*Buttons on the left *
The buttons on the left would look more organized if the CD-looking icons on them were all aligned. [left align with a margin?] Is there a specific reason each button was center aligned?

Ok, already done with 0.3.4 release.

*_/W/_**/rite tracks/** Button*
Could we have that button at the bottom of the screen like the next buttons on the Audio and Data CD dialogs. It saves me from guessing if that's the button I have to click after clicking next.

I don't know yet, I will make some tests to see what is best and to await the opinion of other people.


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