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Re: Fw:[Graveman-general] mp3 support in FC3

From: cresto sylvain
Subject: Re: Fw:[Graveman-general] mp3 support in FC3
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:59:47 +0100

> However, when I try to make an audio cd and I select an mp3
> to add, i get:
> Cannot add track 'some.mp3', this is an unknown or invalid
> audio file.
> Finally, under the list of acceptable files, mp3 is not
> shown, I need
> to select 'All Files' to select an mp3.  Valid options are
> All audio files (*.ogg, *.wav)
> Ogg files
> Wav files
> All files


The problem is that on fedora 3 sox is compiled without mp3 support.
To confirm this type "sox -h" and look for "Supported file formats" line.

To correct this you should download or compile sox with mp3 support.


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