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Re: Fw:[Graveman-general] mp3 support in FC3

From: Jeff Spicoli
Subject: Re: Fw:[Graveman-general] mp3 support in FC3
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 08:22:14 -0500

> Hi,
> The problem is that on fedora 3 sox is compiled without mp3 support.
> To confirm this type "sox -h" and look for "Supported file formats" line.
> To correct this you should download or compile sox with mp3 support.
> Sylvain

Thanks for the response!  sox was not compiled with mp3 support as you
stated.  I downloaded the srpm and rebuilt it after installing
lame-devel.  The output of sox -h is now:

Supported file formats: aiff al au auto avr cdr cvs dat vms gsm hcom
la lu maud mp3 nul ossdsp prc raw sb sf sl smp sndt sph 8svx sw txw ub
ul uw voc vorbis vox wav wve

However, graveman throws the same error when trying to open an mp3
file, and mp3 is not one of the selections in the dropdown list that
filters out file extentions (Currently there opts are All audio files
*.ogg *.wav,  Ogg files *.ogg, Wav files *.wav, All files *.*)

Any other suggestions?


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