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Re: [Graveman-general] DVD Disc not detected

From: Sylvain Cresto
Subject: Re: [Graveman-general] DVD Disc not detected
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 00:53:17 +0200
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        I have installed version 0.3.10 from Ubuntu .deb repositories but when
I try to burn a DVD, I choose all the files, the DVD name and insert the
DVD and press on Write disc, a message appears with "Please, insert a
DVDR/RW on unit bla, bla, bla..." (All messages are in spanish, my
translation may not be correct). This message does not disappear and I
cannot burn any DVD.

        Under nautilus everything goes well.

        Yesterday I compiled graveman version 0.3.9, as version 0.3.10 gave me
an error with checkinstall (I'm running on Ubuntu Hoary). Then I saw
that in ubuntu repositories there was version 0.3.10 and Installed it
over 0.3.9. The last version was not replaced because package names are
not the same: graveman and graveman-0.3.9 (build by me with
        With both packets installed, I could burn one DVD yesterday night. This
morning I decided to remove graveman-0.3.9 but then I was not able to
burn any other DVD. I decided to reinstall it again but there's no way
to burn DVD anymore.

        Can someone help me?



Can you type "dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/hdb" command when your DVD
is in the drive and forward me the output (replace /dev/hdb with your
real device) ?


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