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Changes to grep/ChangeLog

From: Charles Levert
Subject: Changes to grep/ChangeLog
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 14:57:55 -0500

Index: grep/ChangeLog
diff -u grep/ChangeLog:1.279 grep/ChangeLog:1.280
--- grep/ChangeLog:1.279        Thu Nov 10 01:19:02 2005
+++ grep/ChangeLog      Thu Nov 10 19:57:54 2005
@@ -1,5 +1,41 @@
 2005-11-10  Charles Levert  <address@hidden>
+       The introduction of the --only-matching and --color GNU extensions
+       to grep added the requirement that each execute() implementation
+       not only be able to identify matching lines as a whole, but also
+       individual "exact" matches within a line known to be matching,
+       from leftmost to rightmost match, when the output from matching
+       lines is actually produced.  The interface and implementations
+       of execute() were not up to it.  This set of changes aims to
+       rectify that situation.  Previously failing tests relative to
+       left anchors (^ and \<) and -w should now pass.  This fixes
+       <>,
+       <>,
+       <>,
+       and possibly part of other, bigger, pending patches.  The problem
+       was also compounded by the POSIX requirement to support a pattern
+       list instead of just an individual pattern (for -G and -E as well).
+       * tests/ Test for increasing/decreasing-length word
+         matches, given pattern order, and leftmost/longest match.
+       * tests/ Modify test #6 according to new expectations.
+         Better document what tests #6 and #7 are actually for.  Eliminate
+         test #5 in favor of bringing tests #6 and #7 within the F G E loop.
+       * src/grep.h (EXECUTE_ARGS): Change last argument from "int exact"
+         to "char const *start_ptr".  Testing for "start_ptr" being non-NULL
+         retains the same semantics as testing for "exact" being non-zero.
+       * src/grep.c (print_line_middle): Call execute() with whole
+         buffer to work on, but using current position as start_ptr.
+       * src/grep.c (prpending, grepbuf): Call execute() with NULL
+         as start_ptr.
+       * src/search.c (EGexecute, Fexecute, Pexecute): When start_ptr is
+         non-NULL, return first match from it as an offset relative to buf.
+       * src/search.c (EGexecute): Consider all patterns if many and,
+         for an exact match, return the best one (leftmost, then longest).
+         Don't explore worst solutions, of course (branch and bound).
+2005-11-10  Charles Levert  <address@hidden>
        * src/grep.c (main): Fix a subtle memory allocation bug introduced
          with the mb_icase_keys() function, which can call xrealloc() or
          free() on keys, by making sure keys is always dynamically allocated.

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