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[Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff

From: wlemb
Subject: [Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 04:08:57 +0200

Log from commit: 

Update of /var/cvs/groff/src/preproc/html
In directory genba:/vol5/tmp/cvs-serv31013/src/preproc/html

Modified Files: 
Log Message:
Replace strdup() with strsave().

* src/devices/grolbp/ [!HAVE_STRDUP]: Removed.
(set_papersize): Use strsave() and a_delete.
(main): Use strsave().
* src/preproc/html/ (make_message, createAllPages,
removeAllPages): Use strsave() and a_delete.

* Remove test for strdup.
* configure: Regenerated.

* win32-diffs: Updated.

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