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[Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff

From: wlemb
Subject: [Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff
Date: 6 Jun 2002 13:11:43 -0000

Log from commit: 

Update of /var/cvs/groff/contrib/mom/examples
In directory genba:/vol5/tmp/cvs-serv8785/examples

Modified Files: elvis_syntax 
Log Message:

*Wed Jun  5 2002

o Makefile.sub (TFLAG): Add `$(top_builddir)/tmac'.

*Tue Jun  4 2002

o Makefile.sub (groff_bin_dirs): Fix typo (forgotten `src' element).

*Mon Jun  3 2002

o Makefile.sub (uninstall_sub): Don't use `momdocdir' but `htmldocdir'.
  Add missing backslash.

*Sat Jun  1 2002

o (prepare_make_examples): Test for `', not

*Wed May 29 2002

o Rewrote portions of PAGENUM_STYLE and COPYSTYLE so that PAGENUM_STYLE
  behaves as advertised.

*Fri May 24 2002

o /Makefile.sub (momdocdir): Removed.
  (HTMLDOCFILES): Prepend `momdoc/'.
  (EXTRAEXAMPLEFILES): Removed.  Added entries to...
  (.SUFFIXES, New.
  (prepare_make_examples): Updated.
  (examples/*.ps): Removed; will handle this.
  (install_data): Updated.  

*Thu May 23 2002

o Applied two small bug fixes to om.tmac (patches 1.1.1a and 1.1.1b).

o mom is now part of groff.

o Some renaming to avoid problems with 8+3 filesystems:

    examples/   -> examples/
    examples/ -> examples/
    examples/      -> examples/
    examples/        -> examples/

o Removed `INSTALL' and `README' since groff takes care of installation

o Added Makefile.sub.

o Added mom.tmac (which simply calls om.tmac).

o Added for orthogonality; it simply points to the HTML

*Thu May 16 2002

o Added macro DRAFT_WITH_PAGENUMBER so user can have draft/revision
  info attached to the pagenumber in COPYSTYLE DRAFT, instead of having
  it HEADER center.  Always having it HEADER center was creating problems
  with long doc titles, esp. with PRINTSTYLE TYPEWRITE (which is when
  COPYSTYLE DRAFT is most likely to be used).  Now user has the choice,
  in these circumstances, either to reduce HEADER_SIZE, or to displace
  the draft/revision info.  Also rewrote portions of COPYSTYLE so that
  if no revision number is given in the reference macros, "Rev. #"
  doesn't appear when COPYSTYLE DRAFT.

*Fri May 10 2002

o Added capability of user-defined, single string recto/verso

o Added new entries to docs about the above.  Made some additional
  small changes to toc.html, rectoverso.html, and headfootpage.html
  to supplement the new entries.

o Small fix to handling of footer separator rule -- was 1 point too low
  owing to fuzziness of #CAP_HEIGHT as returned by SIZESPECS.

o Added some more useful stuff to elvis_syntax.

*Sun May 05 2002

o Fix to DEFAULTS so that L_MARGIN and R_MARGIN are reprocessed if
  DOCTYPE LETTER.  R_MARGIN, as set by DOCTYPE LETTER had no preceding
  PAGEWIDTH or PAPER from which to get #PAGE_WIDTH for figuring out
  line length.

o Additional fix to DEFAULTS in handling DOCTYPE LETTER so that if user
  sets line length prior to START, no reprocessing of R_MARGIN occurs.
  This necessitated adding a new number register: #USER_SET_L_LENGTH

*Sat May 04 23:48:05 EDT 2002

o Added .cflags 4 /\(en -- was driving me nuts that lines wouldn't
  break after these characters; I'm assuming others feel the same way

* Fri May 03 2002

o Made some small fixes to space handling around quotes, mostly to do
  with quotes immediately after START and quotes after (sub)heads.

* Wed May 01 2002

o Fixed a small bug that was causing the first .PP after START to begin
  at the top margin of the page regardless of any type that preceded
  .PP when docheaders were off.

o Fixed HEADER so that when HEADERS are off the first line of type on
  pages after the first falls properly at the top margin

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