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[Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff

From: wlemb
Subject: [Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff
Date: 7 Sep 2002 04:51:04 -0000

Log from commit: 

Update of /var/cvs/groff/doc
In directory genba:/tmp/cvs-serv1084/doc

Modified Files:
Log Message:

* src/include/config.hin: Add `HAVE_ISATTY'.
* src/libs/libgroff/ (xtmpfile_list): Drop `const' for
`fname' member.
* src/libs/libgroff/ Include `time.h'.
* src/libs/libdriver/ (Char): Add `operator==' and
`operator!=' for `char'.
* doc/groff.texinfo: Replace @ifnottex block for top node with
@ifhtml block.

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