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[Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff

From: wlemb
Subject: [Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff
Date: 25 Jan 2003 16:57:46 -0000

Log from commit: 

Update of /var/cvs/groff/doc
In directory genba:/tmp/cvs-serv9745/doc

Modified Files:
Log Message:

Add US-english hyphenation exceptions (converted from Barbara
Beeton's hyphenation exception log reports which appear irregularly
in TUGBoat).

* tmac/ Updated to latest version.
* tmac/README: Updated.
* tmac/, tmac/ New files.
* tmac/troffrc: Load `'.
* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Add `'.
* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

Improve hyphenation slightly.  This is a first step in redesigning
the hyphenation algorithm to make it more flexible (e.g. allowing
kerns and ligatures between the hyphenation character and the
following character -- while not used normally in English, other
languages like German would benefit).

* src/roff/troff/ (environment::hyphenate_line): Use
assertion instead of if-clause.
Let `get_hyphen_list' return the number of involved characters in
the hyphenation pattern instead of computing it directly (which
often yields too small values).
* src/roff/troff/node.h (*::get_hyphen_list): Add second parameter.
* src/roff/troff/ (*::get_hyphen_list): Handle new second

Fixing a bug which caused groff to hang if the hyphenation exception
dictionary tried to grow.

* src/roff/troff/ (hyphen_trie::insert_hyphenation,
hyphen_trie::read_patterns_file, do_hyphenation_patterns_file): Use
pointer to dictionary.

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