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[Groff] Re: GNU Source Code CD

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] Re: GNU Source Code CD
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 23:31:52 GMT

   Note that we normally don't put alpha or beta releases on the CD,
   except in cases where the last released version is so broken and/or
   old that it's generally agreed that the beta is better in every

   If you have any corrections, please send them immediately, and tell
   me whether you think the change is critical (i.e., it would be very
   bad to ship the CD without this change) or conditional (i.e.,
   useful to do it but only if we're already committed to making some
   changes anyway).  If you think some package ought to be included in
   this distribution, please send me the *exact* URL of a tar.gz file
   -- not a directory, and not a web page; I won't have time to browse

      Groff is a document formatting system, which includes drivers
      for Postscript, TeX `dvi' format, and typewriter-like devices,
      as well as implementations of `eqn', `nroff', `pic', `refer',
      `tbl', `troff', and the `man', `ms', and `mm' macros.  Groff's
      `mm' macro package is almost compatible with the DWB `mm' macros
      and has several extensions.  Also included is a modified version
      of the Berkeley `me' macros and an enhanced version of the X11
      `xditview' previewer.  Written in C++, these programs can be
      compiled with GNU C++ Version 2.5 or later.


we've meanwhile fixed some problems which occur on certain platforms
during compilation -- basically, the fixes are of minor importance,
but the bug-groff list regularly reports it.  Fixing real bugs will
start in autumn...

We can release the current snapshot as groff-1.11b (it doesn't have a
version number yet) -- what do you think?

The URL is

where you can find the current development snapshot.


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