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Re: [Groff] EBCDIC hyphenation in troff on tty

From: Sándor Bárány
Subject: Re: [Groff] EBCDIC hyphenation in troff on tty
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 11:33:33 -0500

> > Lost in source!  After converting the font files and making some
> > minor source changes, troff formats man pages quite right under our
> > EBCDIC system.  The only problem is that the '[' (left bracket,
> > ascii 0132 x5B, ebcdic 0255 xAD) is used as a hyphenation character
> > at the end of lines, instead the correct '-' (minus, ascii 0055 x2d,
> > ebcdic 0140 x60).
> What aboud the shc request to set the soft hyphen character (in
>  This defaults to HYPHEN_SYMBOL (which is the glyph `hy').

My problem is that I get this '[' as the default hyphen char, and I
dislike that. Even after editing and putting '.shc =' it it I
got the first hyphenated line with '[' at the line end (all others had
'=' there). See:

This manual page describes the GNU version of troff, which
       is  part  of  the groff document formatting system.  It is
       highly compatible with Unix troff.  Usually it  should  be
       invoked  using the groff command, which will also run pre[
       processors and postprocessors in the appropriate order and

It seems to me being an initialisation error somewhere in the code but I
am not able to find that place. 

There is in  init_request("hc", hyphen_char);  and in  init_charset_table(); and   init_hyphen_requests(); - they
should work properly. It is for sure an ascii dependency but I do not
understand the code enough deeply, I think.


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