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Re: [Groff] EBCDIC hyphenation in troff on tty

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] EBCDIC hyphenation in troff on tty
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 19:05:05 GMT

> > > Lost in source!  After converting the font files and making some
> > > minor source changes, troff formats man pages quite right under our
> > > EBCDIC system.  The only problem is that the '[' (left bracket,
> > > ascii 0132 x5B, ebcdic 0255 xAD) is used as a hyphenation character
> > > at the end of lines, instead the correct '-' (minus, ascii 0055 x2d,
> > > ebcdic 0140 x60).
> > 
> > What aboud the shc request to set the soft hyphen character (in
> >  This defaults to HYPHEN_SYMBOL (which is the glyph `hy').
> My problem is that I get this '[' as the default hyphen char, and I
> dislike that. Even after editing and putting '.shc =' it it I
> got the first hyphenated line with '[' at the line end (all others had
> '=' there). See:
> This manual page describes the GNU version of troff, which
>        is  part  of  the groff document formatting system.  It is
>        highly compatible with Unix troff.  Usually it  should  be
>        invoked  using the groff command, which will also run pre[
>        processors and postprocessors in the appropriate order and
> It seems to me being an initialisation error somewhere in the code but I
> am not able to find that place. 

First, modify troffrc to add a proper entry for a tmac.ebcdic.

Then modify tmac.tty to test for the ebcdic device and modify it
accordingly; tmac.tty contains the following line:

  .if c\[char173] .shc \[char173]

char 173 is 0xAD ...

The reference to \[char160] should be modified also since this is
certainly not identical to the EBCDIC value.

Similarly, tmac.tty-char must be modified to load a tmac.ebcdic file
instead of tmac.latin1.

Hope that helps.  I can't find any other reference to character 0xAD.


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