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Re: [Groff] EBCDIC hyphenation in troff on tty

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] EBCDIC hyphenation in troff on tty
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 20:14:59 GMT

> > ... tmac.tty contains the following line:
> > 
> >   .if c\[char173] .shc \[char173]
> > 
> > char 173 is 0xAD ...
> > 
> > The reference to \[char160] should be modified also since this is
> > certainly not identical to the EBCDIC value.
> Yes, I put '.if c\[char173] .shc -' in tmac.tyy and the hyphenation
> is - and not [!  Great!  Where is this documented?

Nowhere.  All tmac.XXX files are badly documented :-( Usually, users
don't have to care at all, only developers who add another
devices/charsets/encodings to groff.

> And what should I do with
> that char160? What is it for?

This maps char160 (a non-breakable space) to the space character --
hmm, I don't know whether that is really the right decision.  I would
rather use `\~' instead...


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