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Re: [Groff] (no subject)

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [Groff] (no subject)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 12:56:10 +0100

Hi Ted,

> > % groff -C -t -e test -Tdvi > test.dvi 
> > ...
> >  /usr/share/groff/tmac/tmac.safer:3: error: end of file while defining
> > macro `un'
> >  /usr/share/groff/tmac/tmac.safer:3: error: end of file while defining
> > macro `un'
> For this, I think one has to look into "tmac.safer" and check for a bug.

My tmac.safer is no doubt different from mcclosk's, here it is.

    .\" remove unsafe requests
    .nr _C \n(.C
    .cp 0
    .rm open opena pso sy pi
    .de unsafe
    .tm \\n(.F:\\n(.c: unsafe to execute request `\\$1'
    .als open unsafe
    .als opena unsafe
    .als pso unsafe
    .als sy unsafe
    .als pi unsafe
    .cp \n(_C

It only defines one macro;  unsafe.  Since groff is being invoked with
-C it will pass that onto troff, tbl, and eqn and so troff will
presumably only allow macro names to be two characters maximum, i.e.
the `un' in the error message.

My tmac.safer has code to temporarily ensure compatibility mode is off
when defining unsafe.  But the errors above are complaining about line
3.  If you take the `.nr _C \n(.C' and `.cp 0' lines out of my version
that would place `.de unsafe' on line 3.

So is it possible that an older tmac.safer didn't cope with
compatibility mode?

To mcclosk I suggest trying without the -C option, you might not need
it, and also show us the contents of your tmac.safer to confirm this
theory.  I'd also echo Ted in encouraging your authoress to join the

Having said that, I don't know why the end of file would be reached
while defining unsafe  :-(


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