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RE: [Groff] floating keeps and tbl usage

From: Konovalov, Vadim
Subject: RE: [Groff] floating keeps and tbl usage
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 16:33:13 +0400

> From: Steckl, A. David [mailto:address@hidden
> Is there anyway to use a floating keep on groups of rows 
> within a table?
> This is a problem for me as I have a multi-page table which 
> has groupings
> which need to be intact. If you could refer me to any 
> resources or answer
> this query I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

I will suggest adding extra fake empty cells vertically spanned near needed
cells, so they will be forced to be on one page, because TBL do not breaks
There will be some extra work to make them to be not seen on paper. For
example, if table was rounded by box, there should be that box removed and
drawn by inserting "_", "|" in appropriate places.
We did so in our department a couple of years ago.

OTOH I think such tables transformation may be written in Perl, based on my
existings scripts working with tables.

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