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Re: [Groff] Spanish hyphenation

From: Ted Harding
Subject: Re: [Groff] Spanish hyphenation
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 22:07:12 +0100 (BST)

On 10-Sep-00 Paco Andres Verdu wrote:
>     The shell script, which is used to generate the
> sphyph.tex file usually shipped with TeX distributions is attached to
> this message, you can get the original versions of both files at
>      Maybe you find easier to modify the script that generates the
> hyphenation file rather than the hyphenation file itself.
>      I've used groff for Spanish documents but without hyphenation, and
> I've never used hyphenation neither in groff nor TeX, so I'll be unable
> to help with the development. But if it is helpful I can test your 
> hyphenation file with some of my Spanish language groff files and tell
> you if the result is right, or which are the flaws.

Thanks for this, Paco!

Further to the earlier discussion, I had taken both the sphyph.tex file
from the TeX archive (created 1991 by Julio Sanchez) and the later one
I found on my local TeX (created 1995 by  Ramón García Fernández), edited
them according to what was arrived at in that discussion, and have been
experimenting with them.

They both work, though with slightly different results, and neither
seems to generate an unacceptable hyphenation (I have "Spanish Rules"
from the Chicago Manual of Style). However, they do not seem to want
to cause all legal hyphenations to occur: I think they are a bit minimal.
But it is better than nothing: it will mean I only have to hand-craft some
exceptions in 250+ pages, instead of picking through the lot!

At the same time, thank you for your offer to look through some output.
I have 3+ pages in 3 columns which I will send you privately as a PS
file, if you would be so kind as to scan them!

NOTE TO INTERESTED PARTIES: If you want to implement Spanish hyphenation
in groff, not only do you need to set up a correct hyphenation pattern
file and hyphenation language, and also the hyphenation encodings for
the accented characters like á ã etc; you must also include the ¿ and
¡ characters (upside-down ? and !), otherwise words prefixed with these
will not hyphenate at all. Therefore my Spanish hyphenation is set up

.hcode á á Á á é é É é í í Í í ó ó Ó ó ã ã Ã ã ú ú Ú ú ñ ñ Ñ ñ ¿ ¿ ¡ ¡
.hla es
.hpf /usr/share/groff/tmac/

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