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RE: [Groff] installing slanted fonts with grops

From: Ted Harding
Subject: RE: [Groff] installing slanted fonts with grops
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 12:12:57 -0000 (GMT)

On 06-Mar-01 Stewart C. Russell wrote:
> Has anyone documented how to install a slanted variant font with grops,
> or do I have to pick apart the Symbol-Slanted installation? I'm
> wondering whether I need to modify the font's afm file before creating
> a slanted variant.
> thanks,
>  Stewart
> (who is not sure why phoneticists would want a slanted superscript
> schwa, but they asked for it, so they gonna get it.)

A simple mechanism (which has been in troff at least since the 1992
ditroff -- see "Troff User's Manual", Computer Science Tech Rept No 54)
is to use \S'N' which causes all subsequent output to be sloped by
N degrees (which can be negative). Use \S'0' to revert to normal.

You could encapsulate this per-character is a ".char" definition,

  .char \[sschwa] \S'15'\[schwa]\S'0'

defines a sloping schwa called "sschwa" with a 15-degree slope,
without affecting anything else. Then the usage could be


to attach a superscript sloping schwa to the letter "B". Or you
could define the whole "\*{\[sschwa]\*" as a string with a short and
snappy name; or ... (one could go on -- concise flexibility is
so pleasant!).

By the way, there is a similar mechanism for vertical scale change:
\H'N' rescales so that the output has height N points, while the
horizontal size remains unchanged. If you associate this also with
a point-size change you can also change the width, with or without
height change, e.g. (in 10pt)

  You can take your dog for a very long \s[180]\H'10'W\H'0'\s0

(like some people who don't want their dog to hear the "W" word,
for excitability reasons -- though I think this underestimates
the ability of dogs to catch on).


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