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[Groff] How to embed PS char into groff input

From: Amitava Dutta
Subject: [Groff] How to embed PS char into groff input
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 15:46:21 -0500

I would greatly appreciate your help in the following.
I have
(a) a PostScript code fragment
      (i.e.  gsave .... grestore)
      which draws a piece of graphic.
   This is to be used as the character XY
   in a groff input (below).
(b) a set of groff (rather troff) input files
     that has the sequence
    and each such occurance has to use the
    graphic (above) as the character XY.
How do I print these to a PostScript printer ?
Moreover, this printing needs to be done
in an automatic stand alone mode, without
any user interaction.
I am familiar with groff / troff as an user but don't
know the internals. I have the groff man page
and the nice HOWTO by Dean Provins.
I understand that groff uses the
directory to find fonts but don't know
the details or the underlying mechanism.
Also, here I have PS code for one single
character only, not a whole new font.
We are using GNU troff ver 1.10 and would
prefer not to upgrade at this point, if possible.
Tips / pointers, other howto's will be of great help.

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