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[Groff] german localization

From: Erich Hoffmann
Subject: [Groff] german localization
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 07:55:30 +0100 (CET)

Hello *roffers,

I'm interested in groff (having made some LaTeX'- and Lout'ing, on a
linux debian potato 2.2), the processor is very quick, the output
handsome and the code (for my purposes) good to handle.  I read the
manuals by Joel Kies etc., Eric Allman & James Clark, Joseph Ossanna &
Brian Kernighan etc. still there is a problem.

I don't find hints to a german localization, I mean hyphenation, my gnu
troff 1.15 separates e.g. <<Gleich-nis>> into <<Gle-ichnis>>;
translation e.g. of the .AB-.AE macros from ABSTRACT to ZUSAMMENFASSUNG
or the german quotes which are not {``like this┬┤┬┤}, but {,,like this``}.
Obviously I could insert two commas before, but in unlucky cases at the
end of the line I have a single "," --- the other one following {,
,like this``}.

Maybe I didn't look close enough or should use one of the books
mentioned recently in this list, that is to say order & buy one as they
are not present in the bookshops here, but which?

Or is it just a sort of overkill trying to write german texts with

OK. my question is not up to the level of this list, no offence
intended, any hints welcome,



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